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Outdoor Kitchens in Omahma

A kitchen is a very special place in your home. It is a gathering place for you and your family. A place where you can connect over food and share irreplaceable family moments. A kitchen should represent your personal style and sensibility.

Do you find there is not enough counter or pantry space and you find yourself struggling to find a sufficient space to prepare, cook and eat their food. Do you have a backyard that is just waiting to be brought to its full potential? At River City Chimney, we provide full spectrum outdoor kitchen renovation and installation services. We are able to create new as well as renovate existing outdoor spaces so that it complements the needs of your home. We offer high quality services that compete with many other outdoor kitchen installation companies in Omaha.

At River City Chimney, we always provide free consultations in our showroom that is conveniently located in Omaha. At our showroom, we have many examples of kitchens that we have completed and designed for you to view. To get you thinking about your kitchen, the following are some examples of outdoor kitchen trends.

Sleek and Modern

This style of kitchen favors sleek lines and modern design. The cabinets are minimalistic yet functional. The countertops are usually white, stainless steel, or any single mono color. It creates a clean, luxurious, and relaxing atmosphere without too many visual intrusions. A great way to compliment this type of outdoor kitchen design is with fresh cut flowers and exotic houseplants. This adds to the modern look.

Rustic Traditional

Traditional outdoor kitchen designs are very popular choices in Omaha. These types of kitchens employ hardwood and other rustic elements. Colors tend to be on the warmer side and are often maroon, brown, yellow or any other neutral shade. A rustic kitchen will never go out of style, it’s an American classic!

Add a Fire Pit

A fire pit is a great way to accent the outdoor kitchen space as well as make it more inviting. At night, family and friends can gather around to stay warm and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. We provide different fire pit options depending on the available space and needs of our clients. When considering having an outdoor kitchen designed, we recommend giving a fire pit its due consideration.

Contact us

We will work with you to make your vision become a reality. If you are unsure of how you want your outdoor kitchen to look, that is not a problem. We will gladly go through the available options that align with your budget, to give you a better idea of the possibilities that lay before you. We are skilled at executing a variety of outdoor kitchen styles. Our team of licensed workers will gladly visit your Omaha home to start the design process or to provide a no obligation consultation. If you are in the market to update your outdoor space, call us at River City Chimney today. You will be glad that you turned to us.